King Charles III Coronation Committee meeting 19 April 2023

King Charles III Coronation Committee Uploaded on May 5, 2023


Minutes of the Meeting – 19th April 2023 Hearts of Oak

1. Present:
John Print (JP) Parish Cllr & Chair, Cathy Blake (CB) Parish Cllr & Secretary, Roy Bardo (RB) Chair Parish Council, Pam Caton (PC) Parish Cllr, Dave Middlemiss (DM) Parish Cllr, Paulette Middlemiss (PM), Sarah Lowe (SL) PTFA, Rachel Ferris (RF) PTFA, Tom Gibson (TG) – Hearts of Oak), Nick Sattin (NS)

Sarah Gibson (SG), Phil James Drybrook Memorial Hall

Welcome to Jane Mace – Event Volunteer

2. Acceptance of minutes 5th April March 2023

The Minutes of 5th April Corrections:
Matters Arising: Minutes stated KG to speak with Rev Clare Edwards about Electricity supply from the Shop – but had been agreed not needed.
Item 7 Raffle – RF was stated as running the Soft Toy Raffle, but this is a lady called Rachel from the Shop on the Cross – not RF.
Item 5 Coronation Medals – Minutes stated ‘Village Bunting’ as coloured Green, but is Yellow/Blue/Red.
PJ wanted it noted that he was only representing the Memorial Hall and not the Social Club

Otherwise the Minutes were Accepted.

3. Matters arising from the Minutes not on the Agenda
DM stated relevant Bus Companies – ie Stage Coach & others had been notified of the Road closure.
Road Closure signs ordered and will be picked up Thursday before Event.
DM had taken on the Quiz and had completed questions etc…..
Action – DM
NW stated he still needed to find out about possible use of the BT Exchange car park. Had liaised with LJ, but had not yet heard back. LJ also not yet confirmed ACF position; permission forms completed but needs response from them before coming back to NW
Action – NW & LJ
NW had completed latest version of Site Layout Plan and had circulated before the meeting to DM, JP & CB.

PM confirmed Club 55 doing T’s & Coffee, plus Stall. Had been told there was no use of the rear exit from the Shop, but KG & MW ensured there was a rear exit available to be used if necessary.
Action – PM will look into & check all details for Club 55’s use of the Shop

JP had put posters onto Website & other Social Media
MW said she had completed posters out to Rugby Club, Co-Op & Pharmacy, but Brierley Garage and Harrow Hill still needed posters.

All Agreed – no need for Hire of a Generator, Megaphone to use as back up

KG suggested the use of the Church chairs, and NW said he also needed contact details for the Church Wardens – Jane White & Sue Heaven
Action – KG will speak with Rev Clare Edwards + give Church Warden contact details to NW.
MG will also show NS where chairs & tables are – DM & NW also offered to help.

TG said had tried to obtain Ice Cream Vendor for the Event, but all are fully booked – Pub will source ice cream & sell themselves.
Action – TG

MG & KG had now sourced Medals and Flags and handed round. All pleased with purchase. JP will keep until Event, as MG & KG will be away.
MG asked about having Chips from the Chip Shop with use of Gold Coins, but JP stated it had already been agreed this was not needed for this Event.
KG had spoken with Zoe at CANDI – all Ok & agreed for the Tombola, Tin Can Alley etc….

4. Member Actions –Update:
Member Actions completed as above.

5. Site Layout Logistics & Risk Register (RR)
NW went through the latest version of the Risk Register
There is now no contingency for inclement weather as no use of the Memorial Hall.
There is currently no change to the Risk Register, but NW will update & amend accordingly – i.e. Contingency Plan for use of Memorial Hall
Action – NW
Action – CB will circulate Site Layout with Minutes.

6. Task List/Rota –Update
NW went through each separate Task on the Task List.
Most have already been completed.
Other Tasks discussed:
Hoopla ‘blocks’ will be made by Chris Blake (MW already sourced Hoopla rings)
Strike – Making a ‘Bucket Toss’ Stall
Hook a Duck Stall – First Steps Toddlers Grp working on
MW has started to pull together a list of Volunteers, and will create a Master List – useful for any future Events.
Use of Radios – Hearts of Oak and also ACF
Action – DM to speak with SG to confirm
Road closure Legal Notification Notice will need to go out near the road closure 7 days before Event + on Website
Action – DM & JP – Web
NW & MW will fix Banner to Village railings on Fri 21st April
Delivery of Leaflets to households:
MW will do area of High St and Quabbs road
NS will do Harrow Hill
JP will do Morse Rd, Hollow & Ruardean
CB will do Sunnymeade Estate & Hillside Rd to Wigpool
MG/KG will do Hawthorns
150 Leaflets to go to SL for hand out from School
100 Leaflets to be kept to give to LJ at ACF
Tables & Chairs will be collected 2 days before and stored at the Pub
Bunting will be hung up 1 week before Event, and SL ordered another 40m during the meeting.
JP suggested ‘doubling up’ for Tasks as there should be enough Volunteers + ACF on the day. He also suggested there should be Stewards for the Bouncy Castle. DM will brief all stewards on the day.
Action – NW will add Tasks that will be feasible to complete on the Friday, and will look at ‘doubling up’ for the Task/Rota List

7. Entertainment Update
MW discussed Entertainments, had heard that Male Voice Choir had been asked by Coleford’s Coronation Event but was pleased they were committed to Drybrook – but now also doing Coleford as well!
All other Entertainments/Entertainers OK
Tom at the School had confirmed use of school car park to be designated for Entertainers only.
All Stewards will be briefed to explain car parking areas etc…….
Action – MW will send all Info to Entertainers

8. Media/Marketing Update:
All Ongoing

9. H&S – Risk Assessments, & Event Safety Management Plan Update:
Roles & Allocations Agreed as per Plan, with JP as Event Organiser
Risk Assessments completed – but DM will check against all Tasks
NW will produce another draft, and will create a Phone Contacts List for use on the day – inc for Radio Use
Actions – NW & DM

10. Treasurer Report – Finance/Expenditure Update

Expenditure to Date: £1123.95
Leaving – to date: £1876.05

Still awaiting Invoice from Band
Action – All; any expenditure costs to SL ASAP

11. A.O.B
CB gave update about Waste Management – FODDC providing Refuse Bags via Cllr Fraser – CB to arrange collection. FODDC to be informed of Waste Bags in Parish Council Car Park which will be collected on the Monday (even though it’s a Bank Hol)
PM – has lots of colouring/crayons etc.. to put out onto Tables
KG – has lots of ‘arts & crafts’ items too for use if necessary
KG suggested looking in the Church Hall for use of Children’s Chairs.
SL – will find out about Helium
SL – still got Laminated ‘Lost children Sign’ – to be used

12. DONM

26th April 2023 @ 8pm Hearts of Oak
3rd May 2023 @ 8pm Hearts of Oak

Meeting Closed 9.15pm