King Charles III Coronation Committee meeting 5 April 2023

King Charles III Coronation Committee Uploaded on May 5, 2023


Minutes of the Meeting – 5th April 2023 Hearts of Oak

1. Present:
John Print (JP) Parish Councilor & Chair, Cathy Blake (CB) Parish Councilor & Secretary, Chair of Parish Council, Pam Caton (PC) Parish Councilor), Dave Middlemiss (DM), Paulette Middlemiss (PM), PTFA, Sarah Gibson (SG) & Tom Gibson (TG) – Hearts of Oak), Nick Sattin (NS). Phil James (PJ) Drybrook Social Club/Memorial Hall

Roy Bardo (RB) Sarah Lowe (SL) PTFA, Rachel Ferris (RF)

Welcome to Mr Lyn Jones (LJ) – Cinderford Army Cadets (initial contact via Facebook with MW)

2. Acceptance of minutes 22nd March 2023
Minutes Agreed (DM & MG)

3. Matters arising from the Minutes not on the Agenda
DM had received the Public Insurance Liability Certificate, had also booked the Signage for Hire – 10 x Barriers and 3 x Road closure Signs – awaiting confirmation for collection. DM will also speak with the relevant Bus Companies about the Road closure
Action – DM
We still need to confirm use of the School Car Park – in absence of SL will follow up at the next meeting.
LJ said, as he is a BT Senior Manager would find out and/or obtain contact for use of the BT Exchange car park. LJ pointed out the issue of Insurance – cars would be parked at their own risk – if permission given.
Action – LJ
Use of the Shop on the Cross car park confirmed
Discussed the number of tables/chairs required to borrow – LJ able to offer 9 tables – 4 x oblong, 5 x circular.
NS can offer 30 tables & chairs and also has a trailer for transportation.
There are tables & chairs (50 x fold up chairs) that could be used from the Church
Final number required TBC once layout logistics finalised.

NW gave an update about Risk Register – which will continue until all matters finalised.
Action – NW
Similarly, the H&S Management & Risk Assessment Plan is also ongoing until final matters finalised.
Action – DM
PJ raised the issue of Risk Assessments (RA); how Risks were rated/recorded as there had been no recorded RA strategy for the Christmas Lights Switch On. DM said this was irrelevant to this meeting and explained the overall H&S Strategy – inc the Management Plan & RA for Kings Coronation Event.
PJ said he had experience with Explosives RA/Management, but DM said this too was irrelevant in relation to Kings Coronation Event.

JP suggested the use of the Memorial Hall as contingency 1pm -6pm.
PJ stated the Hall need to be booked via the booking system @ £8p/h.
JP said payment would be made even if the Hall wasn’t used.
PJ suggested he and/or someone would be at the Hall between 10am -2pm to liaise with about booking.
NW handed out and explained the latest ‘Layout Plan’. He will need to measure up in order to ‘scale down’ the plan as to ‘pack em tight’ a good thing!
Action – NW
Now confirmed DM will set out a Quiz!
Action – DM
Raffle confirmed – Tickets will be organised by SG
PC confirmed Club 55 doing T’s, Coffee & Cake offered outside of Shop on the Cross.
Action – PM will co-ordinate with Shop.
Action – KG will also speak with Reverend Clare Edwards.

Further updates were discussed:
NW asked committee members to look at the Task/Rota List he had produced (circulated before the meeting), and asked if anything had been missed? NW will update as necessary.
NW also suggested this would be a good template to use for any future events.
NW discussed items on the Task/Rota List and suggested the Cinderford Army Cadets (CAC). JL said he could provide 10 – 15 Cadets, Radios & Additional First Aid cover (CAC) to be back up layer of Communications Management, effectively acting as ‘Events Stewards’ & would be a good training event for CAC.
Action – NW, DM & JL to liaise & co-ordinate
DM suggested a donation for the CAC or (ACF as correct abbreviation & are sponsored by Ministry of Defence (MOD)
Agreed & seconded by JP, DM & SG as donation will come from Raffle Sales.

JP said when ‘Posters’ are finalised he will put onto the website.
Action – JP
DM has already put a letter out to Businesses
Discussion on contingency for Electrics – ie Generator, could be booked form Hales
Action – DM to follow up
Possible supply from Band Hall was suggested by MW, and also supply form Shop.
Action – KG will discuss with Reverend Clare Edwards
SG discussed Pub set-up; Traders will arrive @ 12 noon and all to be parked at Funeral Directors by 1pm.
The Pub car park area is now full, but Carl at Drybrook Garage has given use of their car park. The Bouncy Castle would be best placed on grass area in Pub, and NW will ‘shuffle’ move Entertainment areas etc….as necessary when final Layout Logistics complete.
Action – NW & MW to liaise with SG

4. Entertainment:
MW discussed all Entertainment updates;
Parkers Band will start @ 2pm
Opening Ceremony @ 3pm – ribbon cut and hosted by Miss Goucestershire and Mighty Thor – both confirmed, & will be available for ‘Photos’.
3.15pm Crown competition under Marquee – music still to be played
3.30pm Mens Choir & Magic show
Mammas & School choir to be outside – booked
4.30pm Ladies Choir & Punch & Judy
5pm CANDI Youth Space Dancers
Action – MW to finalise all Entertainment

Pub Stalls until 6pm
7pm – Pub Music – with BBQ 1-7pm

PJ said the Social Club/Memorial Hall may be doing something – but is for Members Only. He will be giving feedback post this meeting to them.

5. Sourcing/Manning Ice Cream Stall
SG is sourcing Ice Creams locally and will supply alongside BBQ.
DM suggested Winstones Cotswold Ice Cream
Action – SG

6. Coronation Medals – Proposed Costs, No’s to purchase etc….
KG discussed potential costs for Medals sourced online – £472.50 for 250 but is only medal not including ribbon.
Agreed – 150 medals to purchase with engraving ‘Drybrook Parish’
KG will also organise 160 Flags – cost @ £49
Action – KG
MW has already sourced 32sqm of Bunting + some Green Coloured Bunting for decorating the Village.
NW will add this task to the Task List.
Action – NW

7. Homemade Stall/Competition Prizes:
MW discussed current stalls:
Hook A Duck – will be run by the First Toddler Group
Hoopla Pizes – already got
Roll A Penny – prize equals the Win ie Old Penny
Splat the Rat – No-one ever wins as is too fast!!!! But prize would be organised – IF someone were to win.

8. Raffle:
Soft Toy Raffle – will be run by RF
Tombola/Weight of Teddy/Tin Can Alley/Tatoo – will be run by CANDI
Action –KG to contact Zoe at CANDI
Jess Woolley will offer Sweets @ cost, but All Agreed, not needed.
SG already organising Pub Raffle – CB gave SG two prizes

9. Media & Marketing Update:
NW will finalise by end of the week & circulate for comment before ordering Finals. The Government Web page had given guidance for use of Colours.
JP suggested using a different background colour
Discussed Banners and All Agreed 1 Banner (3m x 1m) to be positioned on the railings by Car Park.

10. H&S – Risk Assessment & Risk Register Update (Inc Waste Management)
NW discussed the hole in the fence between the Pub/Shop. SG hadn’t known, and was not the Pub’s boundary – but did affect Pub, especially smaller children escaping from that area.
Action – NW & SG to look into
RA/Risk Register Discussed previously – on-going, but anything new liaise with NW
CB discussed Waste Management, as had contacted FODDC. They suggested taking the rubbish home!!! Seems FODDC not set up for ‘Street Party Events’.
CB had also liaised with both County & District Cllrs about lack of Council provision for Waste, both Cllrs will investigate and report back to CB
RF had also contacted a Council contact – no special bin collections, asked to take home and additional bags will be collected the following week.
CB still has Black Bins left over from Jubilee to use, and MW still has some Council bags to use.
MG will check Public Toilets Open for Event

11. Treasurer Report – Finance/Expenditure Update
SL absent, but RF put forward message (via W/App) from SL; No update on Costs.
Action – All – Any Expenditure costs to go to SL

MW – The Tipler Magazine will write an article for Publication
SG – has lost some stalls attending, as Cinderford Coronation Event on at the same time, which means a bigger footfall for stallholders. 5 stallholders now backed out, leaving 5 remaining – but still a variety of products etc…..
NW – Sponsors will be finalised and added to the Posters.


19th April 2023 @ 8pm Hearts of Oak
26th April 2023 @ 8pm Hearts of Oak
3rd May 2023 @ 8pm Hearts of Oak

Meeting Closed 9.45pm