King Charles III Coronation meeting 22 March 2023

King Charles III Coronation Committee Uploaded on April 11, 2023

Minutes of the Meeting – 22nd March 2023 Hearts of Oak


  1. Present:

            John Print (JP) Parish Councilor & Chair, Cathy Blake (CB) Parish Councilor             &         Secretary, Roy Bardo (RB) Chair of Parish Council, Pam Caton (PC) Parish          Councilor), Dave Middlemiss (DM), Paulette Middlemiss (PM), Sarah Lowe            (SL) PTFA, Rachel Ferris (RF) PTFA, Sarah Gibson (SG) & Tom Gibson (TG) –    Hearts of Oak), Nick Sattin (NS).


      Mike Garland (MG) Parish Councilor & Kathy Garland

      Maxine Williams (MW), Nigel Williams (NW),

  1. Acceptance of minutes 22nd February 2023

      Minutes Agreed (RB & DM)

  1. Matters arising from the Minutes not on the Agenda

            DM said Council have approved Road Closure in principle – not formally    confirmed yet – as long as there are 3 x points of Entrance/Exit, only Half the   road closed for use of Emergency Vehicles, and sufficient Barriers and Signs in      place.

            Certificate of Liability Insurance still required to send to Council.

            Had discussion about the purchase of Signage or to Hire; All Agreed to      Hire – possibly from Hales

            Action – DM to follow up & book Hire of Signage.

            SG said the securing of the Ice Cream Van for Event is becoming an issue.

            We could look to source Ice Creams ourselves, but a Stall would need to be          manned by someone. To defer discussion to next meeting TBC.

            Action – CB to add to next Agenda

            SG said Bouncy Castle would be paid for on the day. Company will also advise       on use of Bouncy Castle on the day and supply a Risk Assessment.

            Action – SG to give invoice to SL

            Pub uncertain about offering ‘Mexican food’ for the Event, but to do BBQ instead – SG will make final decision.

            JP discussed Sponsorship and is making contact with all Businesses within the       Village.

            Possible use of School Car Park and could also use Drybrook Garage Car park        – if needed

            Action – SG to ask School Head

            JP will also make contact with BT Exchange for possible use of area. SL has a         contact and will liaise with JP

            RB had not received the info about copying ‘Flags Template’ from CB

            Action – CB to send info again.

  1. Activities & Actions Update:

      In the absence of NW & MW, CB put forward info from email received;

      MW will be confirming entertainment details upon return and has completed       a running order for the next meeting. At present Entertainment is a bit       oversubscribed!

      NW will produce an updated proposed layout (stalls etc…) and circulate prior       to next meeting.

      MW has suggested a cheap ‘have a go rate’ of 10pence for each homemade         stall, so that children can participate and only a limited number of prizes   needed. When the prizes run out the stalls will be ‘Free’ – but with no prize.

      Refer and discuss at next meeting.

      SG has 9 Vending stalls confirmed, and awaiting confirmation from two     others.

      JP said the Army Cadets at Cinderford had contacted MW via Facebook, but         had not contacted whilst MW away.

      Action – JP to liaise with MW when MW returns.


  1. Coronation Medals

      KG had been looking into Costs & purchase

      Action – CB to add to next Agenda


  1. Prizes – Stalls etc……

      Discussion about Parade/Competition for Children – possible ‘Best Crown’            and with ‘Thor’ attending to then Judge?

      SL discussed ‘Artwork Sheets’ – where parents can go online to get the kids          Drawings. DM suggested a supplier to be used called The Scrap Store (Glos) –   but is a bit hit & miss sometimes for what can be sourced.

      PM suggested we could set up a table/area for making/colouring the Crown,        leaving crayons and templates out on tables etc….

      Action – PM to look into table/area & activities for Colouring Crown etc…


      PM raised the issue of ‘homemade stalls’ dealing with money as well as    operating the stall, and suggested perhaps one ‘ticket stall’ to be manned            giving out tickets for all Stalls.

      Need to decide if Stalls should be ‘Free with no Prize’ or agree how to deal           with taking money – TBC

      All Agreed – Finalise Competitions (Parade, Crown colouring etc..) first and           then decide on Prizes.

      Prizes need to be simple – possibly Vouchers, Sweets etc….but need to be            aware of E.No’s, as not suitable for all Kids.

      Another suggestion was to offer a Quiz, and agreed NW best placed to collate      questions etc….

      Action – NW


      PC discussed 55 Club would be doing T’s & Cakes etc…… offered outside the         Charity Shop.

      Need to confirm Raffle

      Action – CB to add to next Agenda


  1. Media & Marketing:

      MW has previously circulated an ‘Invite’ leaflet, and has already sent out numerous emails to local businesses etc….ie, Rugby Club, Drybrook   School, PanTodd, Memorial Hall, Social Club, GP Surgery, Pharmacy etc….

            Final posters/social media info etc…… will be added Online – Facebook, Parish Council Website, School etc…etc… Distribution of Offline info TBC.

  1. H&S – Risk Assessment & Risk Register:

      DM has already completed a very comprehensive Risk Assessment &         Operational Management Plan – will be updated & be finalised when all final        risks are identified.

      Action – DM to continue to update as necessary


      Risk Register to be finalised accordingly. Any perceived Risks not already   identified, please let NW know.

      Action – NW will produce final version


      PC will speak with Dave Acton about use of Memorial Hall as contingency in         event of inclement weather.

      Action – PC


      JP suggested use of IP rated Extension Lead

      Waste Management – need to use Bins/Litter Pickers/Council Refuge Sacks as      was used for Jubilee Event. CB has Bins/Litter Pickers, and will liaise with            Council for more Refuge Sacks, and will liaise with RF.

      Action – CB & RF

  1. Treasurer Report – Finance/Expenditure


            Proposed costs to date = £1587 (includes Entertainment to date)

            Leaving £1413

  1. O.B

            SL – needs social media poster/info

            SL – needs Flags/Medals Costs – KG to pass to SL

            SL – needs Bunting Costs – MW has already purchased?

            CB – has purchased some Serviettes/Tea Towel – to be used on Tables.

  1. DONM


      5th April 2023 @ 8pm Hearts of Oak


Meeting Closed 9.15pm