Christmas illuminations committee meeting 26 October 2022

Christmas illuminations committee Uploaded on October 31, 2022




 MEETING 26th October 2022







John Print (JP) (Parish Councillor & Chair), Cathy Blake (CB) (Parish Councillor & Secretary), Mike Garland (MG) Parish Councillor, Kathy Garland (KG),  Maxine Williams (MW), Nigel Williams (NW) Sarah Lowe (SL), Rachel Ferris (RF), Dave Middlemiss (DM), Paulette Middlemiss (PM), & Tom Gibson (TG) (Hearts of Oak).

  1. Apologies: Sarah Gibson

  1. Matters Arising not on Agenda:


  • Correction to the £300 previously stated for Christmas Lights. This is the cost for ‘Electricity only’. Full cost for Christmas Lights approx. £6k+V.A.T Parish Council (PC) overall ‘Christmas budget’ between £7-8k which has included; Cones of Chips payment, Brass Band donation etc…….
  • Cherry Picker (Hales) is donated, Mince Pies + Mulled wine (albeit no wine in 2021) is donated by the Co-op. Other ‘sundries’ ie costs of Glow sticks, Tins of chocolates etc….. usually included within budget.
  • Traditionally, other music and PA system is provided by PC Chairman.


  1. Parish Councillors Update – Agreed Budget


  • Proposed £3-5k (as added budget) put forward at PC Meeting on 18th October, and was


  1. Update/Reports/Feedback from Chair & Members


  • Cherry Picker (Hales) – usually organized by PC Clerk. RF has a contact within Hales and will liaise with him.

            Action: RF

  • Liaise with Co-Op & Chip Shop

            Action: MG & KG


  • Was understood from PC meeting that the Brass Band had already been spoken to/provisionally booked by PC Clerk? But MW had also previously made contact (post Jubilee Event).

            Action: MW to follow up





  • Agreed Time = 6pm at the Cross
  • SL & RF – work in progress for ‘Competition’ within School & winner to activate ‘Switch On’. Possible suggestions for Competition = Name a new Reindeer/Elf
  • Action: SL & RF to liaise with Head and confirm


  • Action: JP to pass over ‘mock up button’ to NW – used last year – before evening of event
  • Action: NW will set up ‘switch on button’ on the night


  • 3 x Light Switchers required – Switch on positions = Cherry Picker, at Butchers, and in front of Drybrook Garage. MG will speak with both Richard and Graham (Councillors)
  • Action: MG to confirm


  • If School competition is not feasible, will nominate Santa to do ‘switch on’ as fall back position


  • For future ‘switch on’ event, would be better to have just one switch (rather than 3 separate switches). DM knows of possible company/person who could ‘assess’ current lights positions; scope & cost into just one switch.
  • Action: DM to confirm & feedback




  • Agreed an Itinerary is needed. JP proposed ‘Entertainments Manager’ – MW best suited!!

  • Actions MW:
  • Liaise with SL to help with children singing Carols & also look into Music/Carol sheets
  • Liaise with TG for use of PA at pub
  • Liaise with NW for use of his PA – as back up if necessary, and possible position outside Butchers + Gazebo
  • Produce Itinerary – timings etc……
  • Action SL: to speak with Head to organize ‘Children’s Choir’ + Teacher is also needed to support children
  • Action: NW as PA Support





  • Need to fully confirm position for Santa’s Grotto – Shop on the Cross, Pub or Bus shelter, or Gazebo by butchers shop? TBC nxt mtg


  • Setting up of Grotto will need 3 + people
  • Santa to give out Glow Sticks & ‘Party/Gift’ Bag
  • Confirmation of use of Shop on the Cross not yet confirmed by Trustees
  • Actions: MW & NW to follow up and confirm
  • TG to confirm a Santa for the event
  • MG & KG to organize Santa ‘Gift Bag’ & Glow Sticks
  • SL to organize Sleigh for outside Grotto


  • All Agreed to strike ‘Photo with Santa’




  • SL has ordered Raffle Tickets, and will liaise with SG
  • SL will look into Raffle Prizes – any donations (gratefully received) to go to SL – inc any foodstuffs, and SL will store all Prizes/Donations.
  • Actions: SL
  • Action: KG will organize Soft Toys




  • DM has already secured Snow Machine, will receive training on its use prior to event and has secured deal to offset payment.
  • Action: DM to set up snow machine on evening of event and operate



  • 12 Stall Holders already secured – with 10 already paid. Stalls range covers; jewellery, cakes, and Christmas Gifts etc……
  • TG confirmed PA System to be set up in Pub
  • TG confirmed Pub offering Food as usual
  • TG stated Stall Holders can only take cash (advised Cash Machine in Co-Op can be used so shouldn’t be a problem)
  • Pub to utilize PC Car Park – signage will be required
  • Pub to set up Stall Holders
  • Max number of Stall Holders 25, with advertising until 18th November cut off date
  • Actions: TG & SG
  • TG to send Stall Holder details to CB


  1. Indicative Costings to date:


  • MW had put forward indicative costings:
  • A5 Flyers x250 = £24 – Agreed
  • A3 Flyers x 25 = £21 – decision to use A4 not A3, MW will print A4 x 20
  • Glow Sticks x 50 = £35 or 100 @ £50



  1. Nomination of Treasurer:


  • All Agreed Sarah Lowe! – as had been Treasurer for Jubilee Event which worked well.
  • Action: P.Coucillors to organize with PC Clerk
  • All – All Costings/invoices to go to SL. Please ensure Invoices state ‘C/O Parish Council’



  1. Marketing:



  • NW put forward ‘Banner’ and A5 Flyers information + Flyer proforma
  • Agreed 4 x Banners & 250 A5 Flyers. Banners to be positioned within Drybrook – Butchers, School, Memorial & Co-Op. Flyers to be distributed to Local businesses for display.
  • Agreed 20 x A4 Flyers – MW will print
  • Actions: NW & MW – to produce electronic proforma’s & circulate for approval before purchase



  • Activities/Event to be on PC Website, plus School, Forest of Dean ‘What’s On’ + Social Media platforms – ie Facebook, Twitter etc……
  • Actions: JP to initiate PC Website & liaise with School & other Social Media


  1. H&S – Risk Assessments


  • CB & DM had exchanged RA’s. 1 = Template used for Jubilee Event, and 2 = Community Events RA.
  • DM had produced ‘Christmas Illumination’ RA – using combination of both templates.
  • Action: CB & JP to look over and confirm
  • Other H&S discussion = possible Road Closure
  • Action: DM to liaise with Police/District Council
  • Discussion of possible ‘Parade’ – Santa Leading – between the Cross & Pub, using Stewards to move public from Cross/Pub/Cross.
  • PC has several ‘Steward Vests’ – used for Jubilee Event, which can be utilised
  • Action: To confirm & name Stewards at next mtg
  • DM confirmed his experience/qualified within H&S, and agreed he will act as ‘Safety Coordinator’ for Event.





  • Discussed involvement of Vicar for an ‘Opening Prayer’ – currently way at present but MW will contact
  • Banners from Jubilee Event to go to SL
  • Gazebo used at Jubilee Event still at PTFA Shed
  • First Aid – SL & DM both qualified and nominated – will need to set up First Aid Point/Gazebo
  • TG will put up Barrier across Pub Car Park
  • RF made suggestion to contact Local Paper – JP will contact

Noted Items for next meeting Agenda

  • Contingency Planning – Wet/Snow/Inclement Weather
  • Photography – during Event to add to Websites/Gallery Sections
  • Lighting of Beacon
  • Use of Drone
  • Communication – on evening of event

Meeting Closed 9.15pm



9th November 7.30pm at Hearts of Oak