Christmas illuminations committee meeting 5 October 2022

Christmas illuminations committee Uploaded on October 31, 2022











Drybrook Parish Councillors: Mike Garland (MG) & Cathy Blake (CB)

Hearts of Oak: Sarah Gibson (SG) & Tom Gibson (TG)

Drybrook School PTFA: Sarah Lowe (SL) & Rachel Ferris (RF)

Parishioners: Kathy Garland (KG), Maxine Williams (MW) Nigel Williams (NW), Dave Midlemiss (DM) Paulette Middlemiss (PM).


A very warm welcome to new Drybrook Parishioners Dave & Paulette


ABSENT: Drybrook Councillor: John Print (JP)


Meeting Chair: Councillor Garland

Minute Taker: Councillor Blake


Initial Discussion:

Councillor MG outlined how ‘Christmas Illuminations’ for Drybrook Parish  happened in the past & 2021, chain of events, timings (usually 6.30pm onwards) etc…….

He explained that the Christmas Lights were hired from a Company in Wolverhampton (an historical partnership), and stated the costs from 2nd December to end of December would amount to £300 – funded by the Parish Council (PC).

Hale & Co (Hales) provides a Cherry Picker to put up the lights.

Co-op usually donate Mince Pies & Mulled Wine (although no mulled wine was donated in 2021)

Partnership with the Chip Shop = a system of Gold Coins given out in exchange for a Cone of Chips (2021 approx. 140 coins used)

Drybrook Brass Band have historically provided music – as in 2021

Parish Council Chairman Roy Bardo provides PA system for Christmas music – as in 2021

Shop on the Cross – in 2021 used as space to offer Mince Pies and Sweets.

It is proposed that CHRISTMAS ILLUMINATIONS 2022 ‘expands’ to involve further activities and to encompass Drybook School and Hearts of Oak as active Partners – giving Drybrook Parishioners ‘a change’ and ‘something new’.

New events/activities proposed:


  • Santa’s Grotto and present giving to children/parents
  • School Competition for winner to ‘Switch Lights On’ (idea put forward by Councillor Richard Moore via KG)
  • JP already has a ‘mock up switch’ from 2021
  • Christmas Stalls set up within pub car park
  • Pub food offering?
  • Snow Machine

Agreed: Lights Switch on December 3rd at 6pm

(3 x Light switchers required TBA)

Drybrook School:

NB: Partnership also aimed at Fundraising for new ‘Trim Trail’


  • SL & RF will liaise with the Head for children to sing Christmas Carols, possibly 2 x 10 minute slots (with 10 minute break)

            Proposed Time – 6.30pm

  • SL has a Sleigh and will have wheels fitted
  • SL & RF to liaise with SG for Joint Raffle – Agreed % donation from Stall Sales to go to School

Hearts of Oak:


  • SG will liaise with School for Raffle Prizes
  • SG will organise Stall holders & Set up – proposed time 5pm
  • SG will organise Signage + Car Parking to be directed to PC Car Park on evening of ‘Switch On’


Nigel & Maxine:


  • MW to speak with Male Voice Choir as has already been provisionally booked
  • MW to liaise with Shop on the Cross to be open
  • NW put forward idea of a ‘Photo with Santa’ as present (paid by parents) – alongside giving out the Gold Coin for Chips and small tree decoration – NW to look at costs
  • NW proposed upgrade PA System + Music – to liaise with MG & TG
  • MW to look at sheet music for Carols?


Dave & Paulette:


  • To organize snow machine?
  • DM to be possible Santa?
  • DM to liaise with CB for Risk Assessments



Marketing to cover Banner, Posters, Social Media, School, Forest of Dean – ‘What’s On’, and Parish Council Website.


  • NW to produce electronic ‘artwork’ for Banner & Posters
  • JP to add info etc… to PC Website
  • SL to add info etc….to School platforms
  • SG will display posters at pub
  • Display Village Posters (TBA)




  • JP to look into ‘possible’ road closure (was not possible for Jubilee Event), BUT, to enquire for possible Signage/Diversion
  • CB & DM to liaise for Risk Assessments




  • to put forward indicative costs for items, potential purchases etc…..

              To CB by 20th Oct



  • Will propose potential budget at PC meeting on 20th Oct – to be sanctioned.

Meeting Closed at 9pm

DONM:  Wednesday 26th October Hearts of Oak 7.30pm