Christmas illuminations committee meeting 9 November 2022

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John Print (JP) (Parish Councillor & Chair), Cathy Blake (CB) (Parish Councillor & Secretary), Mike Garland (MG) Parish Councillor, Kathy Garland (KG),  Maxine Williams (MW), Nigel Williams (NW) Sarah Lowe (SL), Rachel Ferris (RF), Dave Middlemiss (DM), Paulette Middlemiss (PM), & Sarah Gibson (SG) (Hearts of Oak).

  1. Apologies: Tom Gibson

  1. Matters Arising not on Agenda:


  1. Discussed Actions completed from last meeting:


  • DM has secured Assessment/Scope to configure future lights ‘Switch On’ from 3 switch points to just one switch point. When lights are up DM & JP will meet with Matt/Marc – mekoelectrical. ACTION: DM & JP
  • Drybrook School – meeting set up and School will definitely provide a winner from the Competition to ‘Switch On’ Lights.
  • 2 other Parish Councillors (Graham & Richard) will be able to act as ‘light Switchers’.
  • NW produced completed ‘Banners’, Flyers + A4 Lamp Post signs. All Agreed these looked great!
  • NW & MW organized for PA System.
  • MW organized Mon & Wed lunchtime activity over next 2 weeks to support Children’s choir singing carols.
  • Santa’s Grotto – to be placed by Pub, with DM to source Gazebo (with sides) ACTION: DM
  • No confirmation from ‘Shop on the Cross’ – not necessarily needed to be open
  • SG has secured a ‘Santa’
  • DM now booked Snow Machine, still needs to obtain price for ‘Snow’ ACTION: DM
  • Still space for one more Stall, & 7 x Stalls will be placed under Marquee, with 7x Stalls outside. 14 stalls confirmed £76 paid to date.

            Stalls confirmed to date: Jane craft and sewing items; Fern fused glass;             Shais candy express; Sweet cuisine cakes; Elora boutique crafts &       beauty; Wanda jewellery & gifts; Claire personalised gifts; Kim unique books; Denny wax melts shower whips; Steve comic convention toys;         Mel      knitted products; Fosters doughnuts.

            SG to continue organising. ACTION: SG

            ACTION: SL will also contact Pottery person as possible Stall

  • School Stall for Raffle Tickets (Raffle Bk completed) Tickets to be sold on the night. Will require ‘Charity Bucket’ for money collection.

            ACTION: SL

  • Tombola Stall – KG made a start on soft toy collection
  • Gift Bags & Glow Sticks (Santa give away) Agreed x 200

            ACTION: MG & KG

  • DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) – Discussed, but Agreed unnecessary.
  • Discussed Mince Pies & Mulled Wine: Buying/Donation from Co-op etc…..but Agreed difficulty with provision of ‘Food Stuffs’. Agreed to speak with Kevin (Butcher). Any Food Stalls operating will be sending ‘Licence Certificates’ to SG.

            ACTION: MK/KG to speak with Butcher.

  • SL – Sleigh will be static + have Reindeer



  1. Marketing (Online & Offline) -Update


  • Distribution of Banners Agreed – 1x School, 1x Co-op, 1x Crown Railings, 1x Butchers + Ruardean Woodside.

            ACTION: SL, MG & Richard (Councillor) will put up.

  • MW & NW – already distributed Flyers & Lamp Post signs around whole of Parish – inc Steam Mills. Committee members to take Flyers remaining and distribute.

            ACTION: ALL

  • Those using Social Media to update info every month

            ACTION: NW to send electronic version of Leaflets.


  1. H&S (Risk Assessment)


  • JP & CB had looked over RA completed by DM – Agreed format & content.
  • DM had notified Glos Police for the ‘Procession following Santa’ – from Cross to Pub. Time & Actions now noted.
  • Proposed ‘Stewards’ x 2 at Front & Back of Procession, plus more Stewards/Marshalls to help support Public in correct direction – utilising pavements as much as possible & directing traffic as necessary.
  • DM & SL are Identified First Aiders
  • First Aid Gazebo position & Info point (TBC)
  • ACTION: DM to sort First Aid Kits


  1. Expenditure – to Date (Treasurer)


  • £335.41 – leaving £2664.59
  • £300 – proposed costs for Chips


  1. Vicar Involvement – Opening Prayer


  • Vicar approached by MW and Agreed to conduct Opening Prayer

            ACTION: MW to liaise further as required



  1. Contingency Plan – Inclement Weather


  • Discussed use of Gazebos, Pub interior, Stalls Marquee. Possibly less pubic attending event. Checking long-range weather forecast – mitigate as much as is possible, DM has access to another Marquee if necessary.

            In the event of ‘Full Bad Weather’ event to be cancelled – giving as much         notice as is possible.

  1. Photography


  • Discussed use of Cameras etc…..but Agreed most people will have mobile phones and as/when able to take photos.


10/11.Lighting of Beacon & Use of Drone


  • Strike off for this year, but JP to contact Neil (Friends of PanTodd) for possibility next year.


  1. Communications


  • Agreed DM as ‘Event Co-ordinator’ – has already produced ‘Briefing Sheet’ for Stewards; outlining Key Event Personnel (TBC), Event timings, Duties etc……
  • SG has 4 x ‘Walkie Talkies’ – 3.1 mile range. Agreed to use as ‘Emergency Comms’.
  • Tasks List for Event/Nominations.

            ACTION: NW to produce ‘Master’ – Nominations TBC at next meeting


            RF – Hales yet to confirm for Cherry Picker – suggested being on site 20          minutes before ‘Switch On’

            MW – Needs access to PC Noticeboard to insert Flyer

            ACTION: MG to check with Richard about Key



Meeting Closed 9pm



            Wednesday 23rd November 7.30pm Hearts of Oak