Christmas illuminations committee 23 November 2022

Christmas illuminations committee Uploaded on December 6, 2022











John Print (JP) (Parish Councillor & Chair), Cathy Blake (CB) (Parish Councillor & Secretary), Mike Garland (MG) Parish Councillor, Kathy Garland (KG),  Maxine Williams (MW), Nigel Williams (NW) Sarah Lowe (SL), Rachel Ferris (RF), Dave Middlemiss (DM), Paulette Middlemiss (PM), Tom & Sarah Gibson (TG & SG – Hearts of Oak).

  1. Apologies: Sarah Gibson

  1. Matters Arising not on Agenda:


  1. Discussed Actions completed from last meeting:


  • Agreed Santa Grotto placed outside of Pub
  • MW sourced Bell for Santa
  • DM will pick up Snow Machine next Friday (2nd Dec)
  • Stalls now finalized & will be setting up at 4pm
  • Pub PA system will arrive on morning of Event
  • Red Gazebo to have the other PA system set up (sand bags (DM) available if necessary)
  • MG & KG will arrange to bring another table for Tombola/Toys stall
  • SL emailed ‘pottery person’ – but she will probably not attend
  • SL sorted 6 x Charity Buckets (2 on site at Pub already)
  • KG showed completed Gift Bags – has included soft toy for approx. 100 bags for ‘babies/toddlers’, will also add Glow Sticks
  • MG to liaise with co-op for Mince Pies as Kevin (Butcher) happy to offer the mince pies from his shop
  • RF to ask Rugby Club for help with setting up & to bring torches with them
  • Gold Coins for Chips will be distributed by MG & RF from shop
  • SL met with Tom (School Head) email going to parents about kids choir – practicing going well
  • SL will check to ensure all parents informed
  • Kids Choir agreed to be in front of Pub/Stall Marquee – chairs will be needed – Pub?
  • School competition winner/named child as ‘Light Switcher’ will be picked out Friday 2nd SL will communicate with parent
  • Event Set-up – meet @ pub 2pm to divide jobs



  1. Marketing (Online & Offline) -Update


  • All Banners are now up
  • Those using Social Media will update regular posts, JP to add info again to Facebook, Twitter etc…..
  • JP contacted Mark Elson – Review & Forrester newspaper will put in advert, and liaise with CB on the evening of Event
  • Some A3 posters still left at the School – could go to Ruardean – SL ?
  • SL to take pub poster and put up on School gate
  • MW will put up more A4 Hard Posters

  1. H&S (Risk Assessment)


  • DM had updated RA and circulated to CB & JP – Agreed as Final
  • MG will ask about purchase/borrow of Barriers from Cavendish Park
  • DM purchased First Aid Kits – these will be a donation.
  • First Aid kits to be at designated point (PTFA Stall) – with Notice.
  • NW will print & laminate Notice – to include ‘Lost Children’
  • CB suggested all Donated items should be accounted for.
  • Invoices still to go to SL – will set up a ‘Donated Items List’
  • DM will add First Aid/Lost children info to Marshalls Brief + info about Gold Coin distribution
  • Hi-Vis jackets in PC store, MG to get out and store in pub (with Toys/Gift Bags before Event)


  1. Expenditure – to Date (Treasurer)


  • £1868.09 – leaving £1131.91
  • £400 – agreed costs for Chips
  • Expenditure to date = £2268.09
  • Leaving £731.91


  • Proposed further costs =

  • £60 – 50w Megaphone – as back up

  • Invoice for Band/Choir costs?

DONM  Wednesday 30th November 7.30pm Hearts of Oak

  • Walk round Cross to familiarize where Light Switches are


  • Post Event Review/wash up – January 2023 –TBC
  • Kings Coronation – PC/Current Committee Members to possibly liaise with Pan Todd – TBC
  • Pub – Having a ‘Fun Day’



Meeting Closed 9pm