Wye Bridge Monmouth Closure postponement notice


Media statement – Wye Bridge works in Monmouth postponed

Monmouthshire County Council has issued an update on the planned resurfacing works on the Wye Bridge in Monmouth. The proposed closure, due to start 16th October, has now been postponed until Spring 2024 at the earliest. The decision has been made after the Council was unable to proceed due to a non-compliant tender.

The need for a major investment to improve the condition of the Wye Bridge is widely appreciated by residents and businesses in Monmouth and surrounding areas. The criticality of the Wye Bridge as a key part of the travel network means that finding a way to resurface the Wye Bridge with minimal disruption will always be a challenge. This is made more difficult given the bridge’s age and unique structure.

Monmouthshire County Council would like to reassure residents and businesses that their concerns and needs will be respected and considered, and every effort will be made to minimise disruption to people’s lives when the works take place.

Monmouthshire County Council also confirmed that it was mindful of other major infrastructure improvement projects in Monmouth, notably extensive work by Welsh Water on their infrastructure. These works are expected to commence in September. Details can be found at

The Council will review the new timings to minimise the impact of disruption to residents and businesses where possible. Based on the need to go out to tender again, the very earliest that the works are likely to be able to proceed will be spring 2024.

The Council is still being advised by our engineers that it will be necessary to shut the bridge to all traffic other than emergency services and pedestrians when work does proceed. The Council will continue to explore options to limit the impact of the closure through the new tendering process and will issue updates as and when information is confirmed.


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Monmouthshire County Council has officially confirmed details of the resurfacing of the Wye Bridge in Monmouth, a key route and significant crossing point over the Wye. The work has now been put out to tender and a contractor will be appointed mid-August.

The plan is for a closure of the bridge for up to five weeks from an expected date of 16th October, 2023. The bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic for 24 hours a day to enable major resurfacing work to be undertaken. Access will be maintained for pedestrians and for cyclists who dismount. The official detour is over 30 miles long (via Ross- on Wye) as they can only divert to roads of the same classification as the one that’s being closed. Locals may use their own diversions via B roads but these will still be 20 miles.

Monmouthshire County Council has requested that the contactors work 24 hours a day on shifts to reduce the duration of the closure but there will inevitably be impacts. Liaison has already taken place with all blue light services, the Town Council, other neighbouring councils, local councillors, schools, health and social care teams. Engagement with residents, businesses and community groups is planned over the coming weeks to allow them to plan ahead.

A Q&A page with information about the works is available on Monmouthshire County Council’s website and this page will be updated as the project progresses. Updates will also be posted on Monmouthshire County Council’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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