Sponsorship needed for Drybrook Christmas Lights

Drybrook Christmas Lights

Each year the parish council erects the village Christmas lights display.

The hire contract for the existing lights ran out last year and we are now sourcing a new display.

In addition, this year we had the lights electrical circuit checked for safety and found that it needs to be fully replaced at a cost of around £6000.  The Parish Council have agreed to cover this cost, but it leaves the budget for  the light display itself short.

To ensure that the village can have a good display we are approaching suppliers to supply, fit and look after the village light display and we now have a rough estimate of cost for each item within the display.

The old display consisted of seven string garlands crossing the road and seven wall/lamp post displays.

At a cost of around £300 per wall/lamp post display and £1500 per garland this would be considerably more than the £12000 budget that the Parish Council has allocated to the electrical works and the Christmas Lights themselves.

We are therefore looking for some sponsorship. Ideally funding a wall/lampost light display at a costs of £300 or £1500 for a string display.  However, any sum that is donated would be gratefully appreciated and sponsors would be recognised both online and on a thank you to sponsors banner displayed in the village centre

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