Explanation regarding the Precept increase

An explanation regarding the Precept increase

Unfortunately there has been little or no proper financial management of the Parish Council budget for some considerable years.

Precept increases for previous years have been decided by, more or less a finger in the air approach, with repeated decisions over the last few years, to keep increases very low or not to increase at all simply based upon the funds kept within our reserves.

This combined with considerable inflation over the last few years has led to us being in the unfortunate position where we have had to make up for the  lack of foresight by previous councils with an uncomfortable precept rise in order to be able to deliver the services that we are legislated to provide.

(It should be noted that in real terms the increase is less than £2 per household per month).

We have had some changes to councillors in the last couple of years and major changes have had to and are still happening within the Parish Council to bring its operation up to a proper and legal standard. Included in this is proper budgeting in order fulfil our duty as a Parish Council.

It may or may not be of help to realise that Mitcheldean Parish precept (who have less voters that Drybrook Parish) was around three times that of Drybrook last year.

We are always on the look out for people interested in possibly volunteering as a future Parish Councillor in order to assist with bringing modern management to the Councils interests. Please feel free to contact us should you feel that you may be able to contribute. Training will be given to anyone who is seriously interested.

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