Minutes of the Queens Platinum Jubilee planning committee 18 May 2022

Queens Platinum Jubilee Planning Committee Uploaded on June 16, 2022


Drybrook Parish Platinum Jubilee Planning Meeting

 18th May 2022


Present: John Print (JP) (Chair), Cathy Blake (Secretary), Roy Bardo (RB), Stacey Wakefield (SW), Maxine Williams (MW), Mike Garland (MG), Kathy Garland(KG), Sarah Lowe (SL), Rachel Ferris (RF) Matt Reading (MR) (Events & Catering Manager Drybrook Rugby Club)


  1. Apologies: None



  1. Matters Arising not on Agenda:

            Event now advertised on main National Jubilee Website

RB raised Pan Tod need a ride-on-mower (from last Minutes) – possible          donation from Parish Council, but RB has one that he would gladly         donate.

Need to know when we will receive Stakes etc…from Pan Tod

JP will liaise with Pan Tod on Beacon Lighting Event (Thursday 2nd)




            STAGE: All sorted, and will be erected at 9am

SW Action – will liaise with RB to organsie opening of School gate

            RB Action – will liaise with SW to also see site


            Rugby Club:

            All organised to set up Soft Drinks Stall with Gazebo, offering Cans only           plus Tea’s & Coffees.

All ready to be able to organize Rugby Demo’s for the Event

Have now liaised with Gfx for Banner – should be completed within next 2      weeks.

Have secured their Entertainment (£1000 Cost – £500 donation to be   covered by Jubilee Parish Council Budget)

Organising Flag Pole has been left with Chris Rawlings (Chairman) –    maybe to go up after Event instead.


            MG & KG –feedback

            Banners collected (x4), already put up at School Entrance, 2nd Banner to          be put up over Butchers, 3rd Banner to be put up at Toilets, 4th Banner to           be put up at War Memorial.

MG Action – will put up the remaining Banners

Tokens for Complimentary Food organsised, will be limited to 400.

Flamin Edges will prepare for 350 foodstuffs, plus another 50 as           contingency.

Flamin Edges requested to see Site to place the Catering Stand

Flamin Edges will charge for Ice Creams – giving a donation on sales to            the School.

SL Action – will liaise with Flamin Edges for Site visit

MG will source Bunting for the Info/Entrance Stall


SW feedback – Ceri Large (England Women’s Rugby) has agreed to do            Judging for Competitions etc…..but not Opening.

Natasha ‘Mo’ Hunt (England Women’s Rugby) – not able to do Opening.


All Medals now completed and handed at meeting to MG to give out at Entrance to Event.

Union Jack Bunting – will be completed by last week of term, but SL      thought there was perhaps not enough Bunting or Decorations, so more      needed.

All Posters are now up.

SL Action – ordered 40m = 100 flags @ £14 – All agreed to order x 5


            SL feedback – First Aid course booked with GDR Solutions, Newent,    need to chase First Aid Kit for the day.

No Marquee required for Art Stalls as all will be placed inside


RF feedback – Has started to list ‘Event Itinerary’ – which sets out;      Timings, Volunteer Allocations, Stallholders/Activities etc……..

Action – All to give RF names of Volunteers to add to list


            MW feedback – Has completed 37 ‘Crown Posters’ – with instructions to        fix. Distributed amongst team and to be put up around Drybrook Parish             on Monday 30th June.


CB feedback – collected 30 plastic Bin Sacks from FODDC.

Stalls Info/Prep Letter written for all Stall Holders – All agreed OK

CB Action – to liaise with SW & RF who will get Stallholders to complete



  1. Chair – Feedback & Update:

            Celebration Mugs distributed (with Slips) to Parish Schools, all Schools            really pleased to receive the Mugs, with thanks given by Head Teachers.

Due to change in numbers another 20/30 have been ordered.

Ruardean Primary will now receive Mugs after Jubilee

Some ‘Slips’ leftover – to be distributed at School, Shops etc………………




            JP Action – Not yet started



            To include: Rugby Demo, Bks, Candi Floss, Cakes, First Aid+Info, Flamin         Edges, Rugby Club Soft Drinks, Candi (Drybrook Teenage Charity Org),         Inflatables.

8 x Art Stalls confirmed

Plus other possible Activities/Stalls to be confirmed – Circus & Birds of            Prey

RF Action – will continue to update Itinerary



            JP Action – will start and liaise with CB



            RF Action – will complete within Itinerary already started and distribute        for team to put forward any chosen jobs.



            SL put forward update:


£8,279.12 spent to date

£1192.00 Committed


Total = £9471.12


Leaves £528.88 (not including Circus/Birds of Prey)


RB stated there is still £2000K Contingency (agreed from Parish   Council) if required.


SL requires Invoices for Bands/ Stage costs & will sort out anomalies on          Quote

SL to get some more Union Jacks





            MG was concerned about the £2k Contingency

RB will liaise with Donna (Drybrook Parish Council Clerk) if necessary


MR said a 10x10m pitch would be OK for Rugby Demo


RF to liaise with MW about PA System. The PA for

Demo/Activities area will be on the Field by the Inflatables


SW will liaise and organize Electrics


KG to bring a couple of Fold-Up Tables


MW suggested a meeting 2 weeks post Event ‘Wash-Up/Social’!