Minutes of the Queens Platinum Jubilee planning committee 09 March 22

Queens Platinum Jubilee Planning Committee Uploaded on June 16, 2022



Drybrook Parish Platinum Jubilee Planning Meeting

 23 February 2022


1.      Apologies – Cllr Roy Bardo, Maxine Williams & Sarah Lowe


  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes, not on the Agenda

Amendments to 23/03 Minutes – KG corrected from CG and SW corrected from SL

Straw Bales = 30 @ £4 not 400 @ £30

Change of PTA email for SL – Member List updated and sent to Members 11/3/22


Welcome to Rachel Ferris – PTA Secretary for Drybrook School


  1.   Update of Allocated Tasks by Ref No: Also see updated Task Log


  1. Continuation of Tasks/difficulties encountered etc……


Venue & Facilities:

  • Agreed £40 cost for cakes – Memorial Hall Party Thursday 2nd June
  • MG waiting to hear from Barry Bosely – Harrow Hill F/C & Memorial Hall, all decisions need to go through the Trustees – especially for outside Bar. Follow up at next meeting
  • All Tasks assigned to RB in his absence – JP to contact & follow up
  • Straw Bales secured, and storage offered by Abbot & Co (neighbour to MG)
  • JP to contact Hales – transport for Straw Bales
  • SL in absence had put forward a list of ‘Local Artists’.
  • Drinking Water & alcohol discussed – school to check o/s tap for drinking water, possible use of a water bowser? Agreed not to use plastic bottles


Event Safety:

  • Risk Assessment/s – ongoing, to be completed when all Events set out & Timed
  • First Aid – Agreed private company required – JP to check
  • JP secured Hi-Vis Vests x 21 @ £155.98. Parish Council logo on breast and STEWARD on back


Event Decorations:

  • Ongoing – MW to give update at next meeting
  • Discussed and Agreed Banner wording – MG to forward to Company
  • Celebration Mugs – JP showed Design Print – Design Agreed with costs @ £1590 (500 @ £3.18)
  • Union Jack Flags, Lollipops and/or Stickers KG looking into


Food & Entertainment:

  • ‘Flamin Edges’ (Greenway Farm Campsite) menu looked at and Agreed
  • Fun Inflatables – assault Course booked and Deposit paid (SL&SW)


  1. Drybrook Parish Contacts List:

MW Absent – Any further contacts to be added – to be updated at next             meeting

  1. Event volunteers – Recruitment & use of Arm bands/Sashes
  • JP to Action


  1. Budget Allocation, Treasurer Update
  • Budget Tabled at Parish Council Mtg 15th March – Unanimous Decision, Agreed Funding £10k, with £2k contingency
  • Costings to date circulated at Parish Council mtg
  • Updated breakdown of costs sent to Jubilee Planning Committee Treasurer (SL)
  • Jubilee Mug Design circulated at Parish Council mtg – very well received!


  1. Jubilee Beacon – inc Pan Todd at Ruardean Hill
  • KG to follow up – feedback at nxt mtg
  • CB to check with Steve Moore – feedback at nxt mtg


  1. Opening/closing Ceremony & National Anthem
  • Opening = Queens Diamond Jubilee Prayer recommended, as will be used in the Jubilee Thanksgiving Service St Pauls Cathedral on Tuesday 5th June
  • Vicar has agreed to recite prayer
  • Agreed to then sing National Anthem, and let off 2 x Paper Confetti Canons
  • Other VIP/s to be agreed
  1. A.O.B

            Shop on the Cross having a Book Stall on Saturday 4th June MW to contact


  1. Confirmed DONM;

            23rd March 7pm Beech View House