King Charles III Coronation Committee meeting 8 February 2023

King Charles III Coronation Committee Uploaded on March 7, 2023




Minutes of the Meeting – 8th February 2023 Hearts of Oak


  1. Present:

            John Print (JP) (Parish Councilor & Chair), Cathy Blake (CB) (Parish Councilor)       Mike Garland (MG) Parish Councilor, Pam Caton (PC) (Parish Councilor) Kathy         Garland (KG), Roy Bardo (RB)             (Chair of Parish Council), Maxine Williams    (MW), Nigel Williams (NW), Sarah Lowe (SL) (PTFA), Rachel Ferris (RF) (PTFA)  Tom Gibson (TG – Hearts of Oak), Nick Statin (NS), Jess Woolley (JW).

            Also present: Clare Edwards – Reverend Holy Trinity Church Drybrook +    Lydbrook & Ruardean.

            Jane White & Sue Heaven – Holy Trinity Church Wardens

  1. Contact Details: NS, PM and Clare Edwards contact details taken

      Apologies: Dave & Paulette Middlemiss

            Acceptance of Minutes 25rd January 2023

            Minutes Agreed – with thanks to DM in preparation

      Matters arising from the Minutes, not on the Agenda

            DM had completed Road Closure Application to Forest of Dean District      Council (FODDC)

            Hire of Signage will be required, and Stewards required – TBC

            Public Liability Insurance required – RB looking into

            Bus Operators will need to be notified

            DM already completed Draft Letter to go to local Businesses & Residents

            Discussion – Food

            MG thought Committee had set a precedent for Free Food, based on Jubilee        & Christmas Lights Events – agreed, but JP explained budget for Coronation            not as much as previous Events and Hearts of Oak already offering ‘to       buy’ Food options with other Vendors on site.

            JW suggested offering a ‘complimentary’ sweet option ie, Ice cream, candy           floss (although Hearts of Oak will have Ice Cream Vendor on site).

            Agreed – defer ‘Food’ until budget fully known/excess budget known

  1. Activities & Actions – Update

            MW Organising Entertainment, and has contacted:

            Drybrook Male Voice Choir – £60

            Drybrook Ladies Choir

            Parkers Band –less than £350 (MW to negotiate)

            Mummers – Charity Donation

            CANDI Dancers + happy to run Stall

            ART SPACE – Circus Skills – no reply to date

            Gloucester County Dance club – no reply to date

            English Country Dance – no reply to date

            Highnam Folk Dance Grp – Booked

            Wimberry Step Clogg Grp (Pludds) – no reply to date

            FoD Morris Dancers – 2 x 20 min sessions £100

            Wild Oats Morris – no reply to date

            SIDE STALLS

            Stalls such Punch & Judy, Coconut Shy, Hook a Duck, Ball in the Bucket,     Hoopla – average cost =£300

            Side Stall Activities – Free of charge on Day

            MW already has ‘Hooplas’

            Could set up ‘Stalls’ ourselves rather than outlay £300 per stall

            Discussion – Someone to ‘OPEN’ Event? MW said Miss Gloucestershire was          offering, and would need to be booked asap.

            Other suggestions = THOR? (Someone within the Parish)

            Action – MW in charge of organising Activities

            ZONED AREAS

            Will need an area ‘roped off’ ie Barrier Chains/posts

            Action – JP to source

            Circus Skills Entertainment will bring everything needed with them

            PA System needed – already in place (NW)

            Action – NW will prepare draft ‘Zones’

            KG suggested a ‘Pin a Jewel on a Crown’ Activity

            SHOP ON THE CROSS – will open and offer Teas/Coffees/Cakes etc……

            CLUB 55 to help out.

            Will need Tables & Chairs – suggested to be in front of Shop for ‘Elderly    Parishioners’

            Chairs & Tables for Road Zone also needed – JW Church Warden has stated          they have some Tables and chairs, and NS stated he has a trailer to help with   collection etc…

            Hales also ‘lend out’ Tables & Chairs

            Drybrook School may also have Table & Chairs – Action SL to ask School

            Also discussed was ‘Toilets’ – and Agreed the use of the Public toilets and the       Pub Toilets would be sufficient.

            HEARTS OF OAK

            Bouncy Castles will be on site.

            Food Vendors: All will be placed out on grass area by Pub (NB: Food Vendors        are excluded from being positioned on Road – Highways constraint for Road     Closure)

            In order to help ‘police’ Food & Drink – in line with Pub Licence, signage will         need to be placed to the entrance of the pub car park.

            Info will also need to be added to the Briefing for Stewards.

            Bring Your Own (BYO) Food will also be advertised/encouraged for Event

  1. Media – Facebook Events Organisers Offering, & 5 Marketing

      RF had circulated a Facebook info/message – where Events Organisers were         offering their services.

      Action – RF to follow up

      MW – circulated a Draft Poster to advertise for Support/Volunteering

      Action – MW to make changes suggested

      MW – also has collated a comprehensive list for advertising via Media ie, Facebook etc….. Action – MW to organise a ‘Comms Plan’

  1. H&S

      DM absent but will undertake H&S Aspects for Event

      PTFA Stall to include First Aid

      Radios still ok to use

      Action – NW to draft ‘Allocation of Tasks Plan’

      Church Wardens want to do Stall – let NW know

  1. Budget & External funding

      RB – Proposed Agenda item for next Parish Council Meeting – budget £3k with contingency

      CB had looked into DM and RF email info about possible external funding grants. Whilst Parish Councils can apply, financial info is required and is      required to meet strict Financial Controls & Governance laid down by specific       funders. Bank Acc would need to be in legal name of Parish Council, and be       regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Applications require      application at least 12 weeks prior to event & before start of any spending.     Due to high demand, priority is given to Grps/Organisations with smaller incomes, and those that can demonstrate a ‘lasting impact’ beyond the Event    funded.

      Agreed – not in a position to apply at present, but possible Grant funding for        other Parish requirements in the future.

      It was suggested that Sponsorship could be another route to support Event,         ie Local Businesses – Hales, Funeral Directors, Forest Papers such as      Review/Forester etc…..

      Action – JP will follow up & Church Wardens will ask Church

8 & 9 Contingency/Risk Register

      Discussion took place such as Weather, Absentees, and Use of Memorial Hall

      Action – PC will enquire as is on Memorial Hall Committee

      Action – NW will draft a Risk Register and circulate for input.

  1. A.O.B

SG asked if Event was raising funds for Charity – PTFA still need funds raised.

SG agreed as long as costs covered would donate % to PTFA.

Pub Raffle – will need help to sell tickets, any donations for Prizes – gratefully received.

School holds Gaming Licence – so can sell tickets

Action – SL to order correct Raffle tickets – usually £36 per 1000

KG suggested giving out Coronation Medals/ribbons

Action – KG to bring picture to next meeting

Paper Crowns, Flags & Goody Bags discussed – TBC nxt meeting

JW had looked into cost of coronation Mugs – £6/7 per mug, but was suggested could be cheaper? Budget may not cover Mugs this time.

KG asked if something could be done for Euroclydon Nursing/Care Home, as is part of Parish – something visual?

CANDI Dancers suggested Action – RB to follow up

Mitcheldean Parish Coronation Party Event on Bank Hol Monday(8th)

Action – CB Add info to every meeting

JW – wanted clarification of timings for Event – 3pm – 6pm

Action – JP to forward email for Jess

JW will not be at Event – on honeymoon

KG will speak with Kevin (Butcher) about offering food/sponsorship

CE (Reverend Holy Trinity Church) not guaranteed to be around all day for Event

  1. DONM

Wednesday 22nd February, 8pm Hearts of Oak

Meeting Closed  9.30pm