Draft Minutes of the annual meeting held on Tuesday 21st May 2024

Uploaded on June 5, 2024


Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 21st May 2024 at 7.00pm at The School Room, Holy Trinity Church, Drybrook
Parish Councillors: C Blake, R Moore, D Middlemiss, P Weaver, John Print.


1) the council resolved to elect Cllr Print as the Chairman,
Cllr Print signed his acceptance of office.

2) Apologies were given by Cllrs Garland, Jones, Bardo, Caton and Johnston,

3) a) One member of the public came to speak about the grant application that was presented to council later in the meeting.

b) one member of the public came to discuss Brierley Fields and council asked about the siting of the council noticeboard on the field to be taken back to the trustees.

4) The reports from District Council were noted.
The county councillor was not in attendance.

5) No declarations of interest were given.

6) No requests for dispensations were received.

7) The minutes of the 16th were resolved as accepted with the following amendments which were added to the minutes.

a) To add the amount of £5,000 budget to given to the parks and recreation committee.
b) To add the amount of £179.21 to be included as to the cost of the road safety posters.
c) That the council resolved to postpone the advert for the clerk.

8) The council resolved to elect Cllr Blake as Vice chairman- Cllr Blake signed her acceptance of office form.

9) The council resolved to elect the following councillors to the following committees:

a) Brierley Recreation Trust – Cllr Jackie Johnston
b) Drybrook Memorial Hall – Cllr Pam Caton
c) Ruardean Woodside Hall – Cllr Weaver
d) surgery Patience resilience group – Cllr Middlemiss
e) Neighbourhood multi agency group – Cllr Middlemiss

10) The council resolved to adopt the councils Code of Conduct with no changes to be made.

11) The council resolved to set up a financial working group, with Cllrs John Print, Dave Middlemiss, Cathy Blake and Pat Weaver as members.

12) The council resolved to adopt the councils current Financial Regulations with the agreement that the new financial working group undertake the task of revieing the new financial regulations that have been published by NALC.

13) The council resolved to adopt the councils’ Standing Orders with no amendments to be made.

14) The council resolved to agree the adoption of the Asset Register and that this is accepted as a working copy.

15) The council resolved the following:

a) List of bank signatories – that these remain the same.
b) Grant policy 2024 – to be accepted with no amendments.
c) Reserve and earmarked reserve policy – to be accepted with no changes.

16) The minutes of the Parks and Recreation Committee were noted.

17) The following planning applications were listed for consideration.

a). P0286/24/FUL – The Lodge, Highview Rd, Ruardean Hill, GL17 9AR
Change of Use of part of Paddock to Horse Menage (Retrospective).

b). P0481/24/FUL – Quarry House View, Highview Rd, Ruardean Hill, GL17 9AS
Erection of Single Storey double Garage

c). P0527/24/FUL – Camping & Caravan site, Greenway Farm, Hawthorns Rd, Drybrook, GL17 9HW
Erection of Single Storey Shop/Toilet block & waste area

The council resolved to write to the FODDC with no objection.

5) Planning letter from Black Box Planning – to consider the contents and response.
The council resolved to submit a response.

Decisions made at District council.
P0034/24/DISCON | Discharge of conditions 10B and 10C (site investigation) relating to planning permission P1085/23/FUL. | Friends Meeting House Highview Road Ruardean Hill Drybrook Gloucestershire GL17 9AR

Outcome -Granted Permission was noted.

18) The council resolved that the advertisement for the clerk was no longer valid as the previous clerk had expressed an interest in returning to work – all were in agreement.

19) Grant requested received.

a) SARA – the council resolved to defer to next meeting

b) Ruardean Hill Play Area – the council resolved to award the sum of £500 with the potential to review if they could find more money available to award.

20) The councillor updated given were as followed:
Cllr Weaver – reported that the Drybrook Hal were doing well. They had held a charity fashion show that was well attended and raised £200 for cancer research.
Cllr Blake gave no updates.
Cllr print Gave no updates.
Cllr Middlemiss -reported that the farmers market was booking up for the next 6 months. The newsletter had gone to print and that he was organising a litter pick.
Cllr Moore – reported that there were still issues with litter not being picked up and that the grass on the road near the CO-OP to the Squirrels was not tidy. He asked who or how it was being monitored. He also reported that the bushed and areas surrounding the toilets were overgrown.

Cllr Moore resigned as a councillor and left the meeting.

21) The clerk’s report was given and noted.

22) The council resolved to accept the payment schedule as follows.
a) Payment’s list

Payments made since last meeting.


Payee Details Method Amount Power Budget
Big Box, Little Box Rent for storage unit SO () £130.00 LGA 1972 s111 Repairs/Maint/Misc
EoN Electricity DD £176.45 LGA 1972 s111 Toilets
EE Mobile phone DD £26.40 LG(FP)A 1963 s5 Repairs/Maint/Misc
Luminate Christmas lights contract BACS 1032.00 Entertainment
Netwise Website hosting BACS £402.00 LGA 1972 s112(2) Office costs
TOTAL £1766.82


Payments agreed at meeting to be made were as follows.

Payee Details Method Amont Power Budget
GAPTC Internal Audit BACS £245.00 LGA 1972 s112(2) Audit Costs
Charlotte Matthews Locum services BACS 500.00 LGA 1972 s112(2) Office Costs
Eon Electricity
D.D £213.65 LGA 1972 s111 Toilets
Complete Landscapes Grass Cutting
Invoice 1026 BACS
(Acc1) £1026.00 LG(FP)A 1963 s5
Landscapes Litter Picking
Invoice 0002 BACS
(ACC2) £960.00 LG(FP)A 1963 s5
Complete Landscapes Grass cutting
Invoice 0016 BACS
(Acc1) £460.00 LG(FP)A 1963 s5 Repairs/Maint/Misc
Whitbread Group Plc Bus stop Brierley Rent BACS £5.00 Bus stop
Complete Landscapes Grass Cutting
(Acc1) £1026 LG(FP)A 1963 s5 Repairs/Maint/Misc
C Blake Printer Ink BACS £41.00 LGA 1972 s112(2) Office Costs

Total £4476.65

b) To approve the petty cash figures

c) Bank Reconciliation – clerk had no access to accounts so this month couldn’t provide the reconciliation- noted

d) To confirm that the monthly financial check has been carried out. Cllr Middlemiss signed the sheet.

e) To agree the AGAR 2024, Part 1

f) To agree the AGAR 2024, Part 2

g) To note the notice of publication dates

h) To agree list of standing orders and direct debits are follows:
1) EE- mobile phone bill
2) Variable E-ON electricity bill toilet block

Date of next meeting 25th June 2024
Meeting closed.