Agenda for the Parish Council meeting 18 June 2024

Agendas Uploaded on June 11, 2024



I hereby give notice that the Meeting of Drybrook Parish Council will be held at The School Room,      Holy TrinityChurch,  Drybrook on Tuesday 18th June 2024 at 7.00pm


Members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purpose of transacting the business as set out below.


All residents of the Parish are welcome to attend and a short period of time is set aside for members of the public to raise questions. Please note the Planning Committee meet at 6.30pm


Yours truly, A. Seabrook,  Parish Clerk               11th June 2024






1)             To note apologies for absence.


2)             To receive any issues from members of the public (15 Minutes)

Please note the Clerk will only minute the public’s comments during this agenda item


3)             To receive County and District Councillor reports


4)             To receive any Declaration of Interests


5)             To receive requests for Dispensations


6)             To approve the minutes of the meeting of Drybrook Parish Council held on 21st May 2024


7)             To receive an update on planning matters.

a)     P0075/24/FUL – Moorlands, Hazel Hill, Drybrook – Erection of a single storey extension to the front elevation.

b)    P0542/24/FUL – Wynhurst, Larksfield Road, Harrow Hill, Drybrook – Erection of a residential single storey annex ancillary to the main house for dependant relatives.

c)     P0556/24/FUL – Seasons View, Larksfield Road, Harrow Hill, Drybrook – Replace existing wooden double garage with single-storey workshop/store with pitched roof and reduce the size of concrete base.


8)             To consider the donation from Drybrook Methodist Church for their summer holiday programme


9)             To consider the future plans for the public toilets


10)             To consider renewing the membership with GAPTC


11)             To consider the District Council’s Local Plan


12)             To consider adopting the Date Protection Policies


13)             To consider the purchase of new swings at Bracken Road Playing Field


14)             To consider the grant application from the Brierley Field Charity


15)             To consider adopting the new Financial Regulations


16)             To receive Councillor reports


17)             To receive a report from the Clerk (for information only)


18)         To receive the accounts/finance reports


a)              To approve the payment schedule

b)             To approve the petty cash figures

b)         To receive the bank reconciliation

c)         To receive the budget versus spend report

e)         To confirm that the monthly financial check has been carried out



The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on 16th July 2024