Agenda for the Meeting of Drybrook Parish Council on Tuesday 19th March 2024 at 7.00pm

Agendas Uploaded on March 12, 2024



I hereby give notice that the Meeting of Drybrook Parish Council will be held at The School Room,      Holy Trinity Church,  Drybrook on Tuesday 19th March 2024 at 7.00pm


Members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purpose of transacting the business as set out below.


All residents of the Parish are welcome to attend, and a short period of time is set aside for members of the public to raise questions. Please note the Planning Committee meet at 6.30pm


Yours truly, CLLR John Print, Chair         12th March 2024






  • To note apologies for absence.


  • To receive any issues from members of the public (15 Minutes)

Please note the Clerk will only minute the public’s comments during this agenda item


  • To receive County and District Councillor reports


  • To receive any Declaration of Interests


  • To receive requests for Dispensations


  • To approve the minutes of the meeting of Drybrook Parish Council held on 20th February 2024


  • To receive an update on planning matters, including the latest planning decisions from the Forest of Dean District Council for Drybrook Parish
  1. P0074/24/FUL – 36 Hazel Road, Drybrook, Gloucestershire, GL17 9EP. Erection of a single storey extension with associated works.
  2. P0220/24/FUL – Land At Larksfield Road, Harrow Hill, Glos, Variation of condition 10 (native species hedgerow) of Planning Permission P1182/21/FUL to reword the condition to read as No later than the first planting season following completion of the approved development, a new laurel hedge shall be planted and thereafter maintained in accordance with drawing no. 20.969.500,
  3. P0140/24/FUL – Caravan And Camping Site, Greenway Farm, Hawthorns Road, Drybrook. Erection of 3 chalets and 3 shepherd huts with associated works (Retrospective)
  4. P0182/24/FUL – Garden Of Sunray, Baptist Way, Ruardean Hill, Gloucestershire.Variation of conditions 02 (approved plans) and discharge of conditions 03 (site investigation) and 04 (CMS) of planning permission (P1348/21/FUL)


  • To consider the public responses so far, to the proposals for the Public Toilets, the requirement for a Legionella risk assessment and the short term future of the toilets.


  • To consider the Annual Inspection reports for the Play areas


  • To consider the grant request from Dene Magna School


  • To receive Councillor action updates


  • To receive Councillor reports


  • To receive a report from the Clerk (for information only)


18)         To receive the accounts/finance reports


  1. To approve the payment schedule
  2. To approve the petty cash figures
  3. To receive the Bank Reconciliation
  4. To confirm that the monthly financial check has been carried out.





Date of next Full Council Meeting: 16th April 2024