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The Rocklands Gallery, is a husband and wife hobby crafting team, based in the Forest of Dean village of Drybrook.
Jenny has tried her hand at a number of crafting pursuits, Fused glass and Resin jewellery and ornaments originally but now concentrates on paper and card craft. Not to be confused with origami, Jenny uses a machine to cut templates of paper or card, to then turn into a variety of objects such as Christmas ornaments, plants and flowers, gift boxes and even gift cards. Mark on the other hand, works in wood, using a lathe to produce a variety of pens, bowls, kitchen and dining ware.
Our little business is named from a previous incarnation of our house and does not reflect us, but we liked the name so re-used it. Everything we produce is for fun, but its got to a point where we need to thin out the shelves, so our prices are aimed at covering costs only, namely raw materials and power. Please do check out our website to see a full selection of what we have tried to make over the past couple of years, if you see anything you like, that doesn’t quite match what you’re after, drop us a line and we may be able to bespoke it for you.
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